The Rock cheatday – What does Dwayne Johnson do on his cheatday?


He cheated in the amazing I Quit match vs Mankind. The Rock also has grand cheat days which catches everyone’s attention.

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

If you smell what The Rock is cooking, you’re extremely lucky, because this man knows how to eat. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment history is now a Hollywood A-lister, being one of the highest paid actors this year. This is no easy feat. He maintains his monstrous physique with a gruelling fitness regime and diet plan (7 healthy meals a day).

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Follow the man on Instagram to see for yourself; his „clanging and banging“ goes on for six days a week, mixing it up with regular cardio sessions that would push anyone to their limits. With a routine that seems more like that of a professional athlete, you know the 44-year-old superstar will cut loose sometimes. Enter – The cheat day.

The Rock Cheat Day
Everyone needs a day off!

After the rigorous training that DJ puts himself through, like the biblical God; he takes the Sunday off. It’s no surprise that Rock consumes a lot of calories a day. However, he usually eats clean. Altering his diets to fit the character he will be playing, the Rock ate clean for 150 days before allowing himself to one glorious day of pleasure.

After training his body to emulate the Greek hero for his film „Hercules“, the Rock had a cheat day to remember. Spending months waking up at 4 in the morning to begin his routine, you can say he deserved this cheat day.

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Over the course of the day, Dwayne put away- a dozen pancakes, four double dough pizzas and twenty-one peanut butter brownies. Competitive eaters were inspired.

Viral videos of people trying to consume the same amount of food were everywhere (if you still don’t realise how much food this is – watch Matt Stonie attempt to eat the Rock’s epic cheat meal in an hour).

The Rock Cheat Day
No one can eat like the champ!

Recently, the Baywatch star took part in a friendly competition with co-star Zac Effron. The pair were spotted in a beach workout faceoff, surrounded by hoards of clamouring fans. Both went back home to something divine, and the Rock even posted some of the lovely gastronomical delights he whipped up.

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He took to Instagram to make us jealous (actually – the Rock doesn’t care about what you think)

The Rock Cheat Day
A champion’s meal!

Alcohol is something most elite sports stars try to avoid. Now although the Rock doesn’t always grab a drink on a cheat day, he wouldn’t shy away from one either. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Rock admitted that he has an Achilles heel when it comes to alcohol – tequila.

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His guilty pleasure doesn’t hamper his fitness plan, though; as long as you take your workouts seriously and do them consistently, a few odd drinks won’t hurt. He also stated that he never drinks to excess and that it takes a lot of alcohol to shake the man mountain.

“The last time I got drunk was in college, it takes a lot to get me drunk!”

The Anoa’i wrestling family is a great dynasty. Having been born to the great Rocky Johnson – you could say the Rock is genetically primed for a career like this. Even though he is related to Roman Reigns, it takes a superhuman effort to stay as fit as DJ.

Training, to him, is like a form of meditation and he passionately goes through with it. It takes a serious amount of dedication to give so much for your craft, and the Rock has come a long way. From being a linebacker in the NFL to wrestling royalty, training has always been a main stay.

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As is with most things related to the Rock; everything is a little larger than life – his personality, in ring presence and even with his cheat meals. The Rock goes big, or he goes home (to eat his pancakes)

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